Creating Magic from Chaos



"Liz has an overwhelming presence when she enters a room. Her positivity and outgoing personality
are an inspiration, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with."  - Austin Jensen, Oregon, USA

"I was blessed to have the pleasure of working with Liz, being facilitated by her, and getting to know her.  
She is an amazing, crazy, loving person and a contribution the world is asking for. I am grateful for her
being her!"  - Petra Smid, Trbovlje, Slovenia

"Liz is one of the most inspirational and positive people I know. It's always great to surround yourself with
people who see the glass as half full. Liz always seeks to inspire and motivate others to live the best life
possible."  - Jerrick Hakim, Wisconsin, USA

"The first time I met Liz, I could feel her beautiful soul and empathy pouring out of her. She emanated
nurturing, kind, leadership values that instantly made want to get to know her better. Watching her
focus on self-care and prioritizing the importance of always taking time for herself is a philosophy I live
by every day and I have her to thank for continually reminding me how important it is."  - Melissa Meyers,
Wisconsin, USA

"When I met Liz, I felt immediately kindred with  her spirit. I had only just met her, but when she ran my
Bars the results were deep and profound. I found that I easily opened up verbally, emotionally, and
spiritually with Liz. I have recommended her services to family and friends."   -Jana Hirth, Wisconsin, USA

"I struggle with anxiety and intrusive thoughts, not to mention keeping it under control. I didn't know
anything about Bars Sessions before talking to Liz. She explained it as 'erasing all the unnecessary files, kind
of like the ones in a computer'. And that's exactly what it did; it helped me sleep better and think more
clearly for a while. I'm sure if I had consistent sessions, it would be even more beneficial. I strongly recommend
her services."  - Trevor Hughes, Florida, USA